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a collage of images of items sold at an online auction. includes trading cards, model vehicles, beanie babies, and action figures
Our online auctions are a great way to sell collectibles or groups of similar-themed items. We hold various online auctions 4-6 times a month. Our auctions often feature specific collections or focus on different types of collectible items (Model Trains, Coins, Vintage Christmas, Jewelry & Silver, Star Wars & Collectible Toys, Ephemera)

Our current online auctions can be accessed from the buttons below.  No login is needed to view, simply make an account and verify a Credit Card on file to bid.
Have something to sell? You don’t need a whole collection to sell with us! Even if you only have a few items, we can work them into our themed online auctions.

We sell through Proxibid, a secure online bidding platform that allows us to accept the highest bid over time from bidders throughout the US. It features a “Soft Close” which mean each time we receive a bid, the time to counter is extended by 2 minutes. No “sniped bids”.

We’ve held online auctions for Railroad Collectibles & Antiques, Model Trains, Model & Toy Cars, Barbies, Vintage Toys, Jewelry of all kinds, Vintage Christmas Collectibles, Uranium Glass, Jewelry, Coins and Currency, Handbags, Civil & Police Service Badges & more, General Collectibles, and lots more!

We take care of the listing, packaging and shipping, and our buyers can also choose to pick up their winning bids for free at any of our locations.

Get in touch with us if you have a collection you are looking to sell!
a collage of photos of items sold at an online auction. The photos show purses and jewelry

How We Can Help You

Before we worked our magic (Click to see more).

Miss Barbara's Closet

Miss Barbara definitely had an eye for good Clothing, Jewelry, Shoes, cleaning appliances, Sheet Sets and much more.  Her house was more of a closet than a house – A VERY BIG CLOSET!

At first, we pushed doors open as we could get to them!  The mounds and stacks and piles began to disappear as we organized years of collected treasures, sorting and packing them to go to auction.  

Her husband had also enjoyed sports for many years, so there was a lot of good Superbowl Jackets from 20-30 years ago, as well as Yankees Sweatshirts, Jackets and Shirts.
Both the basement and sheds were full of squirreled away tools, most of which had not seen the light of day in a decade.

We were partway through when we found out that there was a storage unit as well – similarly full of new purses, shoes, and mail order boxes!

It was a mountain, but slowly, the mountain became a hill, and with a final push of cleaning and junk removal, the house was cleaned for sale.  For most of a year, we sold Miss Barbara’s items at auction, sending a monthly payout for items sold.  

Many of our buyers are now enjoying the treasures that were unearthed and would likely have just been thrown in the garbage, so all parties have benefited from the resolution of the age old issue – “What do we do with all this stuff???”

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